Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Trading Advisory

ETF Opportunity Flash Trading Advisory Services

Flash is a dedicated information service designed for traders and active investors. It is not for novice traders. Individuals who subscribe to the Flash service are experienced and knowledgeable enough to make independent decisions.

Flash alerts are offered through Elliott Wave International. Flash alerts instantly deliver specific buy/sell recommendations. When one subscribes, Elliott Wave International notifies subscribers of only the highest-confidence opportunities. In turn, the recommendations arrive ready for an immediate decision.

ETF Opportunity Flash, edited by Wayne Stough, alerts subscribers to multi-time frame opportunities in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) that track the following assets:

1) S&P/Dow,

2) Nasdaq,

3) Russell 2000,

4) T-bonds,

5) Gold/Silver,

6) U.S. dollar and other sectors.

Subscribers can expect 1-5 high-confidence opportunities per month.

To obtain more information about the trading advisory service, visit the following question & answer page:

Elliott Wave International's ETFs: Interview with the Editor

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