1&1 Review: 1and1 Web Hosting Plan Features

Despite the unusual name for a company, 1&1 Internet is very well known in the web hosting industry.  It has maintained the number 1 position in the world by providing hosting services for over seven and a half million customers worldwide. 1and1 has maintained the lead position for the last 4 years and has shown no sign of letting up.  It is also one of the fastest growing web hosting providers, despite its already massive size.  Its market share as compared to the next leading competitor is astronomical, considering that it hosts several million more domains than the closest competitor in the field of web hosting.  A little known fact about 1and1 is that it is the 3rd largest domain registrar in the world.  It sets itself apart from the competition by providing free private domain registration while other web hosting companies will charge upwards of $7 to $10 per year for the same service.

1&1 Internet offers a whole suite of web hosting plans to meet the needs of individuals, small companies and even large companies.  It caters mostly to the small to medium sized businesses.  However, its hosting packages are very attractive to individual webmasters as well, considering the affordable prices of the domain packages.  1and1 offers an a-la-carte style of web hosting, where the customer can pick and choose different features to suit his own needs and pays for only the features that are important to him.

1&1 Internet offers linux-based and windows-based server platforms to support shared hosting accounts, as well as dedicated and virtual private network accounts.  Its base hosting plan will cost around $3.99 per month and comes complete with 1 free domain name with private domain registration, 25 subdomains, 20 additional external domains, 10 Giga-Bytes of disk space, 300 Giga-Bytes of monthly bandwidth, and a whole bunch of extra website building tools and software. 1and1 even provides the customer with free credit and discount coupons towards marketing campaigns at marketing giants such as Microsoft adCenter, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Citysearch.  In all cases, 1&1 will provide the customer with vouchers that he can use towards his ad campaigns, such as a $50 voucher for the Microsoft AdCenter and a $25 voucher for the Google AdWords campaign.

1and1 Internet rarely provides coupon codes for its web hosting services.  However, it does offer promotions for the various hosting packages on a periodic basis. The reader can find many of the promotions by going directly to the 1and1 site or by visiting some of the review websites identified below.  Those review websites will sometimes provide discount coupon codes that are not available at the 1&1 website.

1and1 offers an unprecedented 90-day money back guarantee on all of its hosting plans.  Unlike most of its competition that offer only a 30-day guarantee, 1&1 will refund your money within 90 days of service, if you are not satisfied with its hosting service.  To find more information about 1and1 and see what others are saying about its hosting service visit the following websites:

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