Bluehost Review: Bluehost Pricing and Features

According to the BlueHost Web Hosting Review site, Bluehost currently offers a single streamlined web hosting plan that services more than 1.2 million customers. Better known as the Professional Hosting Package, bluehost offers this hosting plan at about $7 per month. All active hosting plans are paid in full during the signup process. Blue Host is very clear that it has a 30-day refund policy where the customer will receive his/her payment in full, if the contract is cancelled prior to 30 days. However, if there were any setup fees required in the contract, Bluehost deems that those fees would be non-refundable.

Example: For a two-year (24-month) hosting contract, the customer would have paid $166.80 at sign up. If the customer cancels in the first 30 days of service, then the customer would be reimbursed for the full amount of $166.80

However, hosting accounts that are canceled after 30 Days of service are subject to a prorated refund at the monthly rate.

Example: For a two-year (24-month) hosting contract, the customer would have paid $166.80 at sign up. This cost breaks down to $6.95 per month. If the customer cancels two months into the contract then the customer would be refunded the prorated amount of $152.90 since he/she still had 22 months of service left.

When a customer cancels a 12-month or 24-month hosting contract with Blue Host prior to the contract end date, the customer will also be liable for a $10 charge to help BlueHost recover the cost of domain registration. Since Blue Host provides the domain registration for free on the 12-month and 24-month accounts, any premature cancellation will result in the $10 charge to offset the cost of the yearly domain registration.  However, the customer will be able to keep ownership of the domain until it expires and is free to renew the registration with Bluehost or any other registrar.  Note that some of the other hosting providers would keep the domain in their name, thereby forcing the customer to relinquish the domain or to think twice before abandoning the web hoster for fear of losing the domain. Blue Host, in this sense, is behaving very responsibly. It is very admirable that Blue Host does not try to stronghold the customer by holding the domain hostage!

There are lots of web hosting reviews available on the internet that provides evaluation of Blue Host performance and details its capabilities and features.  One of the more objective and informative reviews that we've come across is the newsmonster Bluehost hosting review.  To the best of our knowledge, Blue Host has never utilized gimmicks such as providing a promo code or coupon code for their hosting package.  One reason is that the prices from has always been very competitive in the industry and it has not had the need to attract new customers by utilizing tactics such as these promo codes.  Instead, Blue Host manages to attract new customers because of its low price and high featured hosting package and manages to keep its customers for many years by providing them good service and excellent technical support.