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Rockwell Trading Inc. is a group of trading coaches. They specialize in turning failing or marginal Traders into success stories. Guided by a long-time, successful trader, Markus Heitkoetter, Rockwell brings each client onto the well-worn path to success. Their success ratio for new Traders is over 97.7%. Regardless of how a trader's portfolio looks now, Rockwell's Trading Coaching Program will succeed in improving the trader's trading techniques and increasing his returns, or they’ll give every last cent of the purchase price back. No other Trading Education company can match their credentials. Rockwell Trading is one of a handful of education companies that is listed with the Chicago Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Rockwell Trading delivers success different from anybody else in the industry. They offer a complete Trading System – based upon coaching accountability. It is no less than revolutionary! They won’t even accept a new coaching client until the trader has been qualified. Most importantly, they give outstanding returns to every Rockwell client.  The Rockwell Coaching Program offers a complete trading package:

  • Stock Trading Software
  • Weekly Stock Picks, Entries, Exits, and Consistent Monthly Profits
  • Lifetime Stock Trader Mentoring and Phone Support
  • A Tested, Re-tested, Re-tested…..and Re-tested Program.
  • 100% money back guarantee, plus an additional $1001 if the client is not satisfied with the success rate.

The Rockwell Trading strategies are rooted in three basic concepts:

  • Trade In The Right Market
    • The right market is a trending market.
  • Trade In The Right Direction
    • You must buy when the market is going up, and sell when the market is going down.  This is how you make money.
  • Know When To Exit The Trade
    • It is essential that you know when it is the right time to exit with a win AND when it is the right time to exit with a loss.

The Coaching technique

When a client signs on with Rockwell, he's not getting a run-of-the-mill trading course.  The client is getting something special.  Rockwell's personalized coaching is what sets them apart from other training systems. It doesn’t matter how skilled, or unskilled, of a trader you are – a coach is essential to your success.  All the best professionals out there have coaches, regardless of their innate talents. Look at Tiger Woods.  He’s a phenomenal golfer, a real natural.  But he’s still got a coach.

Under the Rockwell Coaching Program, the student is responsible for his trading performance, and the Rockwell coach is responsible for the student.  Both the student and coach will need to work together to achieve success.  The coach will be taking the trader through the “basic training” of the Stock Trading program, explaining the templates and trading software, teaching the strategies, and mapping the student's progress and improvements for maximum trading results.

In addition, the coach will be the main source of encouragement and advice for every aspect of the student's trading. Besides the coaching sessions, the trader will have regular phone and email contact, not to mention the MasterMind Group forum, where coaches and students alike can swap thoughts, ideas, trading results, and more.  The lines of communication are always open at Rockwell – the student is free to direct all questions and comments to the trading coaches.  Even if the dedicated trading coach isn’t immediately available, Rockwell's support staff will be there.

Throughout the mentoring process, the Rockwell coach will develop a trading plan that is tailored to the personality of the trader.  The trading plan will not hamper or overwhelm the student's trading with dozens of rules, indicators, and signals.  The trading plan will simplify it.

The student's trading will factor in these concepts.  They are the keys to success.  And that’s where the “game plan” comes into effect, because they’ll teach the student how to apply them.

That’s it.  No secrets, no tricks, no overly complicated techniques.  It seems obvious, simple even, but problems constantly get in the way.  Factors like poor discipline, uncontrolled emotions, and basic trader’s greed are easy enough to identify, but extremely difficult to fix.  They’re habits, and they’re deeply ingrained.  Even the best trading system can fail, if the trader lacks discipline and/or the advice of a personal trading coach.

To evaluate their coaching program, sign up for the free 60-minute coaching session. Readers interested in signing up for the Platinum Coaching Program may also be eligible for a discount. Visit the Stock Trading Promotions page to obtain details on the discount. To find more reviews on the Rockwell coaching program visit the following sites:

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To evaluate their coaching program, sign up for a free 60-minute session.

To obtain a free copy of Rockwell Trading's The Complete Guide to Day Trading, visit the free ebook download page.

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