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Trading Expert - Mike Reed

Trading Program Synopsis - Mike Reed is a day trader and futures trader with 25+ years of experience.  He currently offers a live trading room experience where his students can follow his trades in real-time.  In the Read The Greed-LIVE, Mike demonstrates how he trades his setups live, as they happen.  Mike walks you through entry, along with logical targets, stop placement, and trade management. In his e-book, Read The Greed-Take The Money, Mike's personal setups are graphically demonstrated and explained in detail.  He also shows you the exact techniques he uses daily to find the same Support and Resistance areas he has been sending to subscribers of his RBI Trader's Updates since 1996.  These are the same areas Mike trades on a daily basis.

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Expertise: futures trading, day-trading, support and resistance trading, swing trading.

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Trader's Name: Julie

Trader's email or website: Tradestalker Trading Camp

Date Entered: October 06, 2009

Comment Title: Upcoming RBI Trading Camp

Trader's Rating (1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is best): 10

Trader's Comment:

Hi Everybody,

Hey, it's been crazy around here fielding a ton of questions about the upcoming October RBI Trading Camp!

Alot of you have the same questions, so we'd like to take a minute to answer some of the most asked questions.

Question: Where is RBI Trading Camp held?

Answer: RBI Trading Camp is held via Hotcomm in Mike's virtual trading room. From the comfort of your own home, office, etc..You will be able to see Mike's charts, hear him speaking, and ask questions. No travel, meal, or hotel costs!

Question: Is a subscription to the nightly updates/instant messenger room included in the price of the camp?

Answer: Yes! Campers will get a 2 months subscription.

Question: What if I have questions or need help after camp is over?

Answer: Just let us know. We have an impeccable record for supporting our traders. If you need more help, we'll be here for you.

Question: I have already purchased "Read the Greed-LIVE!", do I get a discount for camp?

Answer: Yes! Those who have purchased "Read the Greed-LIVE!"

get a $900 discount. Please just contact us for the link to access the discounted sign up page.

Question: "Read the Greed-LIVE!" is included in the price of the camp. Since it won't be available until next summer's re-launch, can I just get the discounted camp price now and purchase the course later?

Answer: Yes! Since "Read the Greed-LIVE!" isn't immediately available to those campers who don't yet have it, we will give you the $900 discount and when the course is re- launched, you can purchase it then. Please just contact us for the link to access the discounted sign up page.

Question: I would like to attend camp, but how can I afford it?

Answer: You wouldn't practice medicine without an education in medicine. You wouldn't practice law without an education in law. Heck, you wouldn't even drive without driver's education. But, you'd trade without an education in trading?

Folks usually find the money to get the things that they know they really need, and if you're trading, then YOU need the best education out there...and this is it.

We still have some spots available for camp, but not for long. Go to the link below to get your "seat" reserved today! Remember, camp starts Sunday - October 25th!

To Your Trading Success,


Trader's Name: Julie

Trader's email or website: Tradestalker Trading Camp

Date Entered: April 06, 2009

Comment Title: Is day-trading sexy or self-defeating?

Trader's Rating (1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is best): 10

Trader's Comment: Day Trading sounds like a provocative, sexy career doesn't it? Most visualize young men in crisp expensive suits, driving a sports car, trading half days, making thousands of dollars a month, and building fortunes by the time they're 30. Ok, now for a reality check...Picture this, a man in his late 40's or early 50's, has 2.5 kids in college, a mortgage, 2 car payments...sitting in front of his computer, eating Rolaids, white knuckled with that "deer in the headlights" look. "Pull the trigger? Don't pull the trigger?" The hard facts are that the majority of day traders fail. Sad, but oh so true. Why do they fail? They don't have the knowledge they need to compete with the big boys. They don't have a consistent game plan. They make money in the morning just to give it back in the afternoon. They try for a "home run" and lose substantially, so they trade even bigger to try to "make it back"...they lose even more and blow out their account. We have heard these stories time and time again. What's really disappointing...these nightmares could have been prevented! How can you be a confident, consistent, successful day trader? Learn a PROVEN method of trading...simple as that. Mike has been trading for more than 27 years, the method he uses is time tested and rock solid. There is no shelf life, no expiration date. Doesn't matter what time frame, doesn't matter which market...doesn't matter the volatility. The strategies Mike uses are based on something that never changes, and that's human emotion.  This is your opportunity to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Mike can't make you a successful trader, but he CAN give you the tools that he uses everyday to be consistently profitable. Mike is going to show a handful of traders EXACTLY how he's been successfully trading for more than a quarter of a century. Mike is going to share with you, trader to trader, the strategies he uses everyday to gain an unfair advantage over other traders. You can't afford *not* to get the trading education that you need to be profitable. This is a commitment to yourself, this is a commitment to your trading, this is a commitment that you can believe in...There are only 6 spots left...register now before it's too late:

Trader's Name: Joseph E.

Trader's email or website: None

Date Entered: February 01, 2009

Comment Title: Check out live day trading at its best

Trader's Rating (1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is best): 9

Trader's Comment: I bought his trading course CDs and e-book. The reading was dry and it was hard for me to comprehend how he trades. But when I signed up for his live trading forum and actually saw this guy in action, everything clicked. This guy is awesome. You've got to see it to believe it. It is an eye-opener on how he determines support and resistance areas and how he sets up his trades!

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