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We've been referencing the Marketclub Trade Triangle Scanning Tool in our daily stock hotlist for the past few months. As a result, we've been getting emails from readers asking about the MarketClub trading software and how it would be beneficial to them in guiding their trades. Let us preface our answers by first stating that the MarketClub trading tool is owned and operated by, an online trading resources site. The members of optionsoutlet are merely users of the tool and we do not sell the product. So if anyone is interested in getting the product, he/she would have to go to INO's market club website to obtain payment information. That being said, we have used the MarketClub trading services for a number of months now, and have been very satisfied with the product. We use the marketclub technical analysis software as a secondary source to the charting analysis. That is, after going through the options trading methodology to filter and select our stocks, we then apply the marketclub trading tool to validate our stock picks. The trading tool has charting analysis capabilities that can identify price trends of any given stock ( and even futures and currencies ) and provides a report of what it thinks that particular stock is doing and where it might be heading.  The user can click on the giant footprint icon to obtain recommended entry and exit points for a particular stock.  So we use this feature quite often to help us confirm our trades and to validate our analysis. However, we do not use this tool exclusively.  Some of our investment members also utilize built in tools from their trading software, such as the one from thinkorswim.

A little history of why we chose Market Club -- Our investment members have varying backgrounds in options trading and varying levels of general trading experience.  As such, we spend a lot of time "discussing" the correct stock to use and which options trading template to apply to each stock.  We end up spinning our wheels and not coming up with a good set of stock candidates for our hotlist that we can be confident with.  When we were placing our watchlist of stocks on the tradingtrainer forum,  AJ Brown would review our picks every night to ensure that the picks are in-line with his expectations and his charting methodologies.  However, he stopped providing feedback to us months ago.  Thus, we had to find a different means to help validate our stock picks and give us a better chance of success.  We investigated several products and researched everything that is available on the internet.  We came across a review for a product called MarketClub Giant Footprint that seemed to be pretty intriguing.  So we decided to give it a try, especially when there is a 30-day money back guarantee where you get a refund of the membership if you're not satisfied with the service.  We tried it out for about a week and we were hooked.  We then came back and signed up for a yearly membership with an additional two month extension by using a promotional discount coupon available at the review site. If anyone is interested in obtaining the coupon code for an additional two months membership to market club, the following links should still have the promo code identified and the proper procedure to ensure you get credit for the two extra months:

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In addition to the stock charting analysis, the trading tool also monitors your watchlist and emails you its charting analysis results and recommendations on a nightly basis.  The analysis shows clearly defined entry and exit points that you can readily use to validate your picks.  Although our members still perform manual charting analysis to come up with the stock picks, there are some who will use the marketclub tool exclusively, to guide their buying and selling of calls and puts. also offers trading education through downloadable audio and video seminars that you can freely use as part of your membership. There are about 80 hours' worth of trading seminars that you can watch or listen to.  But after over 9 months of membership already under our belts, we still have not been able to view or listen to all of the seminars. There just isn't enough hours in a day to try to cram all of these seminars in addition to the seminars provided by AJ Brown at the  website!!  The marketclub trading system truly is a trading service, not just a trading analysis tool. Although it doesn't claim to be a trading advisory service, it does provide the analysis tools and education to help you with your trading. To view a video that explains the features of MarketClub and how to navigate to the various functions and windows within Market Club, visit the MarketClub video tutorial.

Just like our hotlist disclaimer.  If you decide to obtain a membership with Marketclub and still can't make money, don't come crying to us.  We are just users of the service and we do not claim to be stock options trading geniuses.  We are just options traders who are trying to make a few bucks here and there...and we are certainly not technical analysis gurus by any stretch of the imagination.  So when a trading tool comes along that helps us make a few more dollars, we would like to share our findings with the rest of the community. 

If you're interested in providing us feedback on anything related to options trading (i.e. trading software, trading education, stock picking ideas etc.), please feel free to contact us or post us a note on our forum at

If you also have promotional codes or discount coupons for other trading software or trading education materials, please let us know. We are always looking to save a buck where ever and whenever we can!!