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This section allows readers to provide comments and feedback on their experiences with the various trading systems, stock trading platforms and software packages, any trading education materials, trading advisory resources, even market brokers and anything else related to trading. If you have questions or comments on a trading tool that is not outlined in the list below, please feel free to submit your feedback in the form provided below. We will post your comments after we've had a chance to check your content for appropriateness. We appreciate any comments you have on the trading tools listed below. We want the trading community to benefit from the experiences of other traders and investors and we hope that everyone will share his/her own experiences with the various tools and trading materials. Please provide information on features, cost, ease-of-use, benefits or anything else that could be of use to the trading community.

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Reviews of Trading Platforms

Any PC-based or online-based trading platforms or charting software that are available to the trading public. This includes trading platforms supporting stock trading, futures, forex trading, options trading or any other type of trading solutions of general nature.

PowerEtrade - E*trade's main trading platform

TradeStation - TradeStation Securities' main trading system

ThinkorSwim - The Think-or-Swim options trading platform

Wave59 Charting Software

TeleChart 2007 Charting Software

MarketClub Trading System

Best Choice Charting System

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Tradestalker - nightly stock trading newsletter, live stock and futures trading room, trading e-book tutorials, day trading system on CDs.

Stock Trading Systems USA

Trading Education Reviews

The Trading Authority Mentoring Program

Trading Trainer Options Trading Course

Online Trading Academy

Options University

Schaeffer's Research

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