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Rockwell Trading Inc. just started running a new promotion for its Platinum Trading Coaching Program.  It is offering a $100 discount to new members who signup for the popular Platinum Coaching membership.  It is a recently announce special offer that did not exist when we signed up for the program several months ago.  If you are signing up online, you can email Orr Peles (Director of Sales) to activate your discount.  You can email him at Provide him with the discount coupon code that can be obtained at the Rockwell Trading Review website.  He will then provide you a refund of $100. If you're signing up over the phone , just provide the salesperson with the same coupon code to obtain an immediate discount.  As far as we know,  the gold and silver memberships do not have any special promotions.  We believe that the Platinum membership is by far, the best deal anyway.  Considering that the membership provides unlimited lifetime coaching support via phone and emails, including lifetime unlimited support to review your trading portfolio, you will pay for the membership once and receive unlimited paybacks for a lifetime. Note that Rockwell Trading will not accept everyone into this program.  Rockwell provides an initial free 60 minute session with one of its trading coaches to allow you to evaluate its mentoring methodologies. But just as important, the free session also allows the trading coach to evaluate your trading style, trading weaknesses, trading psychology and to determine if you would be a good fit for its program.  The coaching program maintains a 97% success rate where the students are achieving the minimum profit target of 25% per year.  Rockwell is able to maintain this success rate because its Coaching Program is able to instill discipline into the trader, by persuading the trader to stick to the trading strategy, by ensuring that the trader maintains a well defined trading plan, and by providing constant coaching support to correct a trader's poor trading habits and to prepare the trader for next day's trading.  This program is truly a no-lose plan, considering that there is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee if the trader decides that the program is not working out.  In addition, Rockwell will pay the student an extra $1001 above the refunded fee, if the student is unsuccessful in making money after diligently following the coaching program. To evaluate Rockwell's coaching program, sign up for the free trial.

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