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Trading Expert - Bill Poulos at Profits Run

Trading Program Synopsis - The Forex Income Engine 2.0 is a forex trading home study course created by Bill Poulos at Profits Run. It provides guidance to specific setup conditions, entry rules, stop-loss placements and various exit criteria for three unique forex trading strategies. Bill Poulos is the mastermind behind the course outline, forex trading strategies and forex education. In the course, Bill Poulos provides simple and detailed step by step instructions to allow the student to quickly grasp the concept and methods of his teachings. This approach enables the student to rapidly gain confidence in mastering the three different methods. There are lessons and strategies for everyone in this course. However, the Profits Run Forex Income Engine is designed for intermediate and advanced forex traders who have had experience with currency trading.  Traders who are new to forex should paper trade prior to jumping in with both feet.  As part of the trading course, email tech support will be available to the student for one full year.

Cost: $1997.00

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Profits Run Forex Course Offerings
1. 7 CDs and in-depth forex trading manual
2. Teaches 3 unique forex trading strategies
3. Detailed forex trading video analysis
4. Multi-part Forex basics course
5. Risk Management training
6. Technical Analysis training
7. Charting software and broker platform guidance
8. Trading plans

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Feedback From Traders

Trader's Name: Mark S.

Trader's email or website: None

Date Entered: January 21, 2009

Comment Title: Forex Income Engine 2.0 gets my vote for best Forex Trading Method on the market

Trader's Rating (1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is best): 10

Trader's Comment: I was a bit skeptical at first and wanted to make sure that I can get my money back if I were not satisfied with this forex trading course offered by Profits Run.  I even checked on that through some forex forums and found out people were floored when they got their money back almost immediately! When I got the package and started learning how to trade forex using the course, it was an eye-opener. I thought I knew enough about Forex, but after finishing the Profits Run forex course, I now see how I was losing money before. I'm now starting to make money more consistently by following the rules outlined in the course. The best trading investment I made this year. I highly recommend this forex trading education to anyone.

Trader's Name: Joe W.

Trader's email or website: Fatcow web hosting

Date Entered: March 02, 2009

Comment Title: What is the cost??

Trader's Rating (1 to 10, where 1 is poor and 10 is best): 5

Trader's Comment: I looked at the Profits Run website. The course content seemed to be ok. The price seems a bit high though. I'll wait for more comments about Bill Poulos before I buy.

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