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The mere mention of the words "Technical Analysis" will make some people cringe.  Using a trading system based on charting analysis implies some heavy, highly “technical” method where you have to do lots of hard work to “analyze” a trade setup in order to achieve profitable trades. On the contrary, this is not the case.

Most traders, no doubt, have seen the encyclopedic volumes of Technical Analysis (TA) books on the shelves of the library or the local bookstore. Crack open one of those tomes and you’ll be instantly bombarded by a dazzling array of hundreds of chart patterns, esoteric terms you’ve never heard of, complicated-looking charts with dozens of parameters displayed on them, etc.

Sounds like a tough, complex system to master, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you really don’t need to know that much about technical analysis at all to be a successful trader. You certainly don’t have to master the hundreds of setups and chart patterns explained in the 5-pound technical analysis “encyclopedias” found in the library or the corner bookstore. Truth be told, there is just a tiny subset of technical analysis you even need to be aware of. About 20 setups to be exact. These are the ones found to be the most reliable – and the most profitable – in stock and options trading.

Many of these setups have already been incorporated into the chart templates that we use on a daily basis to analyze the stocks after the closing bell.  These combinations of indicators and oscillators that are taught by our mentor, AJ Brown at tradingtrainer.com are the building blocks of our daily analysis.  The remaining number of setups are taught by Mike Reed at tradestalker.com.

If you really want to learn how to trade options or to start day-trading, you should consider tradingtrainer.com (learn options trading) or tradestalker.com (learn day-trading)

The trading indicators taught by tradingtrainer.com and tradestalker.com are the actual indicators some of the top traders in the world pay close attention to before they even think about entering a trade. Bottom line, if you’ve ever felt confused about Technical Analysis, or just didn’t even know where to start, this one webinar can steer you in the right direction. You’ll discover what parts of traditional TA are truly important, and you’ll learn the top 20 technical indicators the pros use to enhance the likelihood of their option trading gains to the highest degree possible.

Trading Education Recommendations:

For options trading, have a look at AJ Brown's trading strategies at tradingtrainer.com

For day-trading, have a look at Mike Reed's support/resistance trading techniques at tradestalker.com

You can also take a look at Guy Cohen break-out trading strategy that he utilizes to day-trading and options trade. He also has a best selling Options Trading Book (The Bible of Options Strategies that you can purchase online at Amazon.com

Rockwell Trading has an excellent trading coaching program that you can apply to short-term and day-trading across all markets.

Trading Education NOT Recommended:

Unless you enjoy being scammed, avoid optionsuniverity at all cost. We did not have a good experience with optionsuniversity.com

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