Applying Bollinger Bands to Day Trading, Learn Online Trading from Rockwell Trading

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The following video is the 2nd of 4 trading video tutorials taught by Markus Heitkoetter from Rockwell Trading. In the video, Heitkoetter talks about how he integrates the bollinger bands into his day-trading strategies. He introduces us to the 3 components of the bollinger bands and their significance. He shows how he uses only two of these components in his trading to identify market trends, market fades, and entry/exit points.

Rockwell Video Learning Series:
Video Lesson 1 - Introduction to Charting Indicators
Video Lesson 2 - Using Bollinger Bands in Day Trading
Video Lesson 3 - Applying MACD Indicator to Day Trading
Video Lesson 4 - Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Video Lesson 5 - Support-Resistance Trading Techniques

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  • Video on “The Seahawk Strategy” – A 30 minute video outlining a strategy for trading sideways markets
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